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Why is kadele, who did not buy IP, said to be a group of dark horses in the building block industry

As the leader of the building block industry, LEGO is well known around the world, but even so, it can’t stop some dreamers from shaking the determination of the building block giant. There is also such a team in China. They have developed a pixel building block called Kadele, which has touched the hearts of many domestic and foreign players.
Kadele building block is a creative building block product

Different from traditional building blocksKadele is composed of six hexagonal faces and eight square faces (we commonly call it “kadele beans”)

And through the hole, column, surface in the way of inserting or nesting combination connection

There are nearly 300 shapes of Kadele building blocksEach shape has a variety of different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, green, black, and white

The material used is high quality ABS, PC material

Kadele building blocks can treat each Kadele bean as a pixel unit

It can be formed into any shape by matching it with different plugging methods

In theory, you can build anything you can imagine

Let players use their imagination space as much as possible (develop three-dimensional construction thinking)

Use Kadele to be creative

Kadele blocks have all the functional properties of traditional blocks

For example, cultivating children’s cognition of color, shape, space and volume

Gameplay, fun, logical thinking, three-dimensional sense, multi-dimensional creation, etc.

Kadele blocks are an excellent choice for realizing your own whimsy


Post time: 03-15-2022